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Thank you for your interest in Voice Alchemy Academy’s semester-long private singing mentorship series for adults. In it, we will cover the framework, theory, breathing, posture, warm-ups, lyrics, presentation, tone and story-telling of Voice. By the end, you’ll have the creative development direction and guidance needed to perform 2+ songs. This course culminates in our optional Spring Recital.

Julia Miller-Vasquez is the Voice Alchemy Academy creator and head instructor. She’s a singer-songwriter, sound healer, audio engineer, creative director, artist producer and coach. She studied musical theater since four-years old and Hindustani classical vocals and other traditional/classical music for ceremonies and performances. She’s performed in international theaters, city halls, living rooms, festival main stages, rituals, retreats, and schools. Julia’s worked as a recording artist, musical director, audio engineer and consultant. She earned an Audio Technology diploma from SAE Ex’pression Digital Arts College and has taught singing and coaching since 2011. Voice Alchemy Academy was first established in 2019.

In Voice Alchemy Academy, you will have weekly classes and be expected to practice consistently between each class. After each session, you will be given homework specifically for your process, and any work (written, memorized, sung, etc.) should be ready for the following week’s class.

In this series, you’ll receive:
~ Deep mentorship and a semester full of one-on-one singing lessons
~ The Voice e-workbook with philosophy, tools, warm-ups and personal working space
~ Practice using technology and/or instruments to learn technique and hone your craft
~ Optional culminating performance opportunity with the rest of your cohort
Each student will enjoy a weekly 50-minute class of one-on-one practice time with the instructor. You will be responsible for holding the time slot scheduled at the beginning of the series.

Payment is due at the beginning of the semester.
To ensure the program’s accessibility, sometimes payment plans are accepted by request.
Please fill out this introductory questionnaire with information about who you are and why you’re here. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner or quite advanced, even if we’ve worked together before; This course is appropriate for all levels. I’m glad you’re here!

You’ll be emailed to set up a quick introduction call! If you don’t receive a confirmation and scheduling email within reasonable working days’ time, check your Other Mailbox or please send a message to @VoiceAlchemyAcademy on Instagram (www.VoiceAlchemyAcademy.com coming soon).
Visit our Instagram page for philosophy, tips, tools and music from the founder, previous students and friends, as well.
If you’re here to apply for a Workshop Series, Apply here.
Welcome to Voice Alchemy Academy!