Our Mission

The vision for my practice started before I even knew I would become a laryngologist. My own experiences with doctors and the healthcare system left me feeling like I was being treated by people who were no doubt good at what they did, but didn’t necessarily get who I was as a person. Did they have my best interest in mind? Did they understand my unique constraints, goals, and challenges? And why did going to the doctor feel so intimidating? Does it necessarily have to be this way?

The answer, of course, is no. But the unfortunate truth of healthcare today is that time is not a commodity most doctors can spare.

Your voice is your instrument. It’s your connection to the world around you. It’s how you express and define yourself. It’s central to who you are. When something isn’t right with your voice, it can touch every part of your life. For all these reasons, I believe that your voice deserves the care of a doctor with time, patience, and understanding.

That’s why I’ve built a vocal care practice where my staff and I strive to understand your individual goals, and work together with you to develop a thoughtful treatment plan centered around your needs. Unlike many clinics that overschedule patients, rush you through your appointment, and leave you wondering if you were really heard, we take our time to get to know you, learn where you’re coming from, and understand where you want to go with a stronger, healthier voice.

Whether you use your voice to teach, advocate, perform, parent, entertain, or enlighten, my mission is to be here for you as your partner in health, and to join you on your journey to become your best self.

-Dr. Rafii