Preventative Vocal Health Visit

If you are a vocal professional, daily usage of your voice puts you at higher risk of vocal injury because of the duration and intensity of voice use, as well as limited opportunities for rest or rehabilitation. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for vocal professionals to simply keep pushing their voice until they start developing voice problems that limit their ability to perform at the level they need.


Vocal injuries can cause voice professionals to be sidelined from their work–sometimes even needing to cancel performances, shows, or presentations. But if caught early–or better yet, prevented in the first place–serious setbacks from voice problems and vocal injuries can be avoided.


Introducing the Preventative Vocal Health Visit

When you schedule a Preventative Vocal Health Visit with Voice Specialist Dr. Benjamin Rafii, you will receive all of the same services as a Comprehensive Voice Evaluation, but with a special focus on voice injury prevention. During your Preventative Vocal Health Visit, Dr. Rafii will:  

  • Perform a Baseline Videostroboscopy Exam of your vocal cords to establish a baseline of how your voice and vocal cords are doing
  • Assess what your unique professional vocal demands are
  • Help you identify behaviors and activities that may be placing your voice at risk 
  • Work with you to develop strategies to keep your voice safe and prevent overuse injury
  • Give you the confidence to keep doing what you do at the highest level! 

If you’re wondering what a Baseline Videostroboscopy Exam is, check out our blog post on this topic here: [link]. In a nutshell, it gives us a reference point for how your vocal cords are doing BEFORE any issues are present, and also can catch any brewing issues early before they become serious.


When Should I Get a Preventative Vocal Health Visit?

If you are a vocal professional, the answer is right now! Consider this part of your health maintenance routine. Specific situations that you should consider a Preventative Vocal Health Visit include:

  • A routine yearly visit, to ensure you are staying on track with your vocal health
  • Prior to taking on a new project that requires increased voice use
  • For vocal performers: prior to going on tour, a big show, or a heavy recording session 

Your voice is a vital component of your everyday life and how you relate to the world. It’s important to have a Voice Doctor that understands what demands and challenges vocal professionals face on a daily basis. As a fellowship-trained laryngologist, voice specialist, and vocal cord surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Rafii has the expertise you need to keep your voice healthy. If you are a vocal professional and have never had a Preventative Vocal Health Visit, call or message us today to schedule an appointment!

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