The gold-standard in voice diagnosis and vocal cord examination

One of the most important steps in diagnosing the cause of voice problems is to take an up-close look at the vocal cords. While this may sound scary, with today’s technology it’s easy to get a detailed view of your vocal cords in just a few pain-free seconds during your visit with top LA Voice Doctor Benjamin Rafii, using a technique called videostroboscopy.

Videostroboscopy is different from the usual “scope” exam you might get at a regular ENT doctor’s office. Videostroboscopy uses a high-definition camera and a special strobe light–this light is able to flash in sync with the actual vibration of your vocal cords while you produce sound, giving us a slow-motion video capture of your vocal cord vibration and allowing us to pick up even the most subtle findings. The best part? It can be done totally pain-free in just a few seconds, right here in the office.

Videostroboscopy is the gold-standard exam technique for in-office diagnosis of voice problems, and is an absolute must if you demand the best for your voice. As a fellowship-trained laryngologist specializing in voice problems, Dr. Benjamin Rafii has extensive experience in videostroboscopy, and has performed thousands of them over the course of his career. All of Dr. Rafii’s patients undergo videostroboscopy as an essential part of their Comprehensive Voice Evaluation.

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