Vocal Cord Cysts

Vocal cord cysts are benign (non-cancerous) sacs that can form under the surface of the vocal cord. It is thought that some arise from clogged mucus pores or trapped skin under the surface of the vocal cord, whereas others may be present from birth. People who use their voice heavily may be more likely to develop vocal cord cysts.

The main symptom of vocal cord cysts is hoarseness of the voice. Hoarseness can be mild or severe depending on the size and location of the cyst.

Vocal cord cysts are best diagnosed by examination of the vocal cords with high resolution videostroboscopy by a fellowship-trained laryngologist.

Most vocal cord cysts require surgery, although treatment with voice therapy and reduction of excessive voice use can improve symptoms and may be sufficient treatment for some people. It is recommended to undergo voice therapy as part of your treatment even if you have surgery to remove the cyst. This will help ensure your best vocal recovery and reduce the chance of developing another polyp in the future.

As a fellowship-trained laryngologist, Dr. Rafii has extensive experience and the highest level of technical expertise in surgical treatment of vocal cord cysts.

Videostroboscopy exam showing a vocal cord cyst

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